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The Menarini Group is present in 140 countries worldwide, a guarantee of ...
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The Menarini Group is present in 140 countries worldwide, a guarantee of internationally recognised quality. The achieved results are proof of an efficient strategy based on Research, Innovation and Internationalisation, along with the ability to recognize and meet the needs of physicians and patients alike.

One of the Menarini Group's strong points is its collaboration with international partners: the goal is to create synergies that give rise to cutting-edge solutions, pharmaceutical products, and services in the health sector.

At Menarini, quality is the basis of a shared Group strategy. All company structures are involved at different levels in the drug manufacturing process: an efficient system that has created a unique work standard for ensuring quality in every phase, from research to production, from distribution to providing scientific information. All for achieving a common goal: excellence.

“Health without borders”, with this vision Menarini makes the difference.

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